I hate you!

I hate the way you make me feel, Ihate the way you make me doubt. I hate that what I've done, also has been done with you.
I hate that when I think of joy, I sometimes comes to think of you.
I hope that I some day can be free of you, that you move away, or just diassapear. Vanish.

You can never take from me, what people think I took from you, but I can put it down the drain, by obsessing, thinking, again and again.

I don't want to lose my self, my all, my life. My reality.

Damn, I want to ask so many things, but not to you.

But, I must have given my permission. No way you got there by your self!
So, if I just bann you, throw you out, will it work?


I tell myself all sorts of things, trying to take the high road. Be better than that.
Reality check, It doesn't work.

I need to get a grip...

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